Civil War Flags

Illinois Military Flags Commission
April 30, 2002

The first meeting of the Illinois Military Flags Commission was held at Camp Lincoln in Springfield on 30 April 2002.

Members Present:

Major General David Harris
The Adjutant General
Dr. Bruce McMillan
Director of Illinois State Museum
Tom Schwartz
Illinois State Historian
Susan Mogerman
Director of Illinois Historic Preservation Agency
Jon Austin
Director Museum of Funeral Customs
John Brooks Davis
Civil War Roundtable member
BG (Ret) David Grange
Exec VP & COO, Robert R. McCormick Tribune Foundation
James Pritzker
President & CEO, Tawani Enterprises
Dr. John Schmale
Civil War historian
COL (Ret) Eugene Scott
Editor Chicago Daily Defender
Rick Winkel
State Representative


Members Absent:

Walter Dudycz
State Senator
Floyd Adair
Civil War Historian


Others Present

Dutch Holland
Executive Assistant to The Adjutant General
Mark Whitlock
Curator Illinois State Military Museum
John Reynolds
Reporter, State Journal-Register


The main features of this first, organizational meeting were:

  1. Introduction of Commission Members.
  2. History of the Military Flag collection.
  3. Tour of Hall of Flags in the Howlett Building.
  4. Tour of the temporary and future home of the Illinois State Military Museum at Camp Lincoln.
  5. Discussion of need for public education regarding the flag collection.
  6. Suggestion of a “Flag Seminar” to be held on 2 & 3 of October 2002 in conjunction with the Conference on Illinois History.
  7. Motion carried to recommend the extension of the term of the Commission to five years.
  8. James Pritzker elected Chairman of the Commission for one year.
  9. Chairman Pritzker designated the following Commission committees-Fundraising, Public Relations, Educational Outreach, Flag History and Flag Conservation.
  10. Tom Schwartz volunteered to prepare draft of Commission by-laws.
  11. The next meeting has been tentatively scheduled for mid to late July. 

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