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  Artillery Colors

"Each regiment of artillery shall have two silken colors. The first or the national color, of stars and stripes as described for the garrison flag. The number and name of the regiment to be embroidered with gold on the center stripe. The second or the regimental color, to be yellow, of the same dimensions as the first, bearing in the center two cannon crossing, with the letters U. S. above and the number of the regiment below: fringe, yellow. Each color to be six feet six inches fly, and six feet deep on the pike. The pike, including the spear and ferrule, to be nine feet ten inches in length. Cords and tassels, red and yellow silk intermixed."

In the artillery, the regiments were divided into batteries rather than companies. Artillery regiments rarely fought together as regiments but rather individual batteries were attached to infantry brigades, or divisions or to cavalry brigades. Thus artillery batteries usually had their own colors. This is in contrast to the infantry or cavalry regiments in which there were regimental colors but no company colors. Therefore, in the Illinois CW flag collection there are many flags representing Illinois batteries. The artillery also used guidons similar to those of the Cavalry.

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